Bolivia’s Largest Airline, AeroSur, to Head Into Bolivian…er Oblivion

AeroSur, Bolivia’s largest airline, has shut down after 20 years in service. I’m not going to pretend to know much about the Bolivian airline market, but apparently the Bolivian government launched an airline called BoA after its previous flag carrier went kaput.

AeroSur accuses the government of lowering fares below where they could be profitable and driving AeroSur out of business. True or not, it worked, since AeroSur has now stranded thousands of passengers throughout Bolivia.

Does LAN step in now, as they’ve done throughout Latin America when an airline vacuum exists?


  1. Aerosur has not shut down. I flew them today, April 5, 2012 from Cusco to La Paz. The flight was full and the service was professional. This is about a fight between Aerosur and the Bolivian government. Better not to spread untrue rumours about their demise when they are clearly still flying.