American Airlines Credit Cards Now Get First Bag Free, 10% Mileage Rebate, Priority Boarding

If you’re an American Airlines credit card holder, you’re in luck: American has finally improved the benefits of their cards to match what Delta and United already offer. Starting today, you’ll get:

– First bag checked free
– Priority Boarding
– A 10% Rebate on any miles redeemed (they show up back in your account in about 6 weeks)

If you haven’t yet applied, the first year fee is waived, but they’ve increased the fee to $95 from $85.

Although it is not wildly obvious from the language in the marketing materials, if you already have a card these new benefits DO apply.

50,000 mile bonus has been around for ages, but I can’t get the links to work anymore (if anyone has a WORKING APPLICATION PAGE for the 50k link, please send and I’ll update). Until then, here’s the 30k bonus link after $1k in spend (it’s not an affiliate link).


  1. I like that they added the 10% rebate on redeemed miles, do you know if any other programs offer this benefit? Last month I booked an award for a trip that I’ll be taking later this month, do you think that they will credit me the 10% rebate for the trip (I used my Citi AA card)?

    • I can’t think of any programs that offer a rebate (please – correct me if I’m wrong). Hawaiian and US Airways offer 5,000 miles off an award if you are a card holder.

      You should Secure Message the folks at Citi and ask them (I’m guessing the answer is no, but it’s worth asking).

      • It appears that these new benefits only apply to the Platinum card. Sadly I only have the Business and lowly Gold cards. From my understanding, Citi will only allow churning after 18 months from the last application of a previous card. Do you know if my Gold card would prevent me from receiving approval (and bonus) for the Platinum?

  2. One thing I’m not clear on, for any of these “first bag free” type bonuses, is do you have to have used the card to book the flight, or do you just have to have the card? Sometimes it’s a better deal for me to book the same flight on a different card for initial spending reasons, for instance.

    • You only need to have the card, not to book with it — but it’s only good if you booked the flight after April 2. As long as the reservation has your AAdvantage # and your AAdvantage # is tied to your credit card, it doesn’t matter what payment you use (at least that’s what AA says) Per their terms:

      For benefit to apply, at the time of booking, Citi┬« / AAdvantage┬« account must have been open at least 7 days and reservation must include the primary cardmember’s American Airlines AAdvantage┬« number. This benefit is valid for travel booked and ticketed on or after April 2, 2012.

  3. What about us, canadian peoples ?

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