Days Now Appear to Be Numbered for Chase Sapphire Preferred 50,000 Point Bonus

This will be all over ye olde blogosphere (if it isn’t already), but we blogger types just got a note from our affiliate company letting us know that the Chase Sapphire Preferred deal will be changing on Tuesday. Normally I would say this is nothing, but given that Chase’s own site is now only offering a 40,000 point bonus after $3,000 in spend, I am going to go out on a limb and say that the 50,000 point bonus you’ll get on my banner below (at least until Tuesday) will go away.

That said, I stand by my earlier advice: this SHOULD NOT change your churn schedule. Repeat, this SHOULD NOT change your churn schedule. If it’s been 90 days since your last churn and you haven’t gotten this card, you might want to consider it (I don’t need to go over the benefits…it’s been written everywhere a billion times). If not, I absolutely would not risk having too many inquiries just for the extra 10,000 points. Seriously. Deep breath.

(Disclosure: I have an affiliate agreement with Chase).


  1. Perhaps Sapphire colored paper bags should be passed out in the miles and points community for everyone to breathe deeply into? Ha ha. ;)

  2. should this change my churn schedule?