LOT’s First 787 Route in the US Will be to Chicago

LOT Polish announced that its first 787 route to the United States will be to Chicago in January of 2013. Why might you care about this?

1) You might not care about it, what the hell do I know?
2) If you are me, you would care about it because LOT offers pretty reasonable business class fares to Europe, which is helpful when I fly to Amsterdam for work. This particular route won’t help me (EWR-ORD-WAW-AMS seems excessive), but they’ll be launching New York 787 service later in 2013. And the 787 will feature an upgraded front cabin, with lie-flat seats.
3) If you’ve flown LOT you’ll know that it’s a time-warp — it’s as if you’re flying to Europe in 1986. And I don’t mean that in a good way (?). On a plus note, they do have this gloriously weird animated safety video.


  1. I can’t wait for LOT’s 787! However, I have to say that you probably did not fly LOT in the past 2-4 years. The animated video is not used anymore and if LOT is so 1986, I don’t want to think about American Airlines :) 1970 would fit well for them just right :) Cheers!