UPDATE: Thank You Points WILL NOT TRANSFER to British Airways or Singapore Airlines

It turns out you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet…

I got a call from Citi’s PR agency saying that the information on Dansdeals.com (which I posted about yesterday) saying that Thank You Points can be transferred to British Airways and Singapore Airlines is simply not true.

Their statement says, “The information posted on DansDeals.com regarding transferring ThankYou Points to certain international airlines is not accurate. ThankYou members can redeem points for travel on any airline with no blackout dates in the ThankYou Travel Center. Currently ThankYou members cannot directly transfer their ThankYou Points to an airline.”

I called to confirm that this will not be changing in the future (as Dansdeals suggested this would kick in April 1st — April Fools to all of us…) and Citi’s rep said that there are no plans at all to allow transfers to BA or Singapore.

I apologize for that, and I’ll update the post from yesterday.

(Update: As I re-read that and re-think my conversation with a couple of people from the company, I recall saying this: “Please don’t screw me and my readers by telling me this isn’t true now and then announcing it in 4 days.” The response was: “We will not be announcing this in the next few weeks, no.” So I guess the door is still open…


  1. Thanks for, once again, being the premier anti-blogging-establishment blogger! :cool:

  2. Sounds like Dan had it right. Citi is not refuting that you won’t be able to transfer points in the near future, only “currently.” Which is what we already know anyway. Sounds like they are trying to squelch a leak that has been substantiated by many others.

  3. This whole thing has a whiff of “bizarro world” to me, especially when I read the link posted by Dan above. For the life of me, I can’t understand why it would be a big deal to Citi if the information leaked out a few days in advance. Heck, it’s been good publicity for them! It certainly seems like Citi was planning on allowing the point transfers. There’s just no other plausible explanation. So why would they change their minds now?

  4. “Just go to Rewards > Thank You Points Exchange > Exchange Now, then select the airline you wish to transfer, either British Airways or Singapore Airlines, enter your frequent flyer account number and the amount of points you wish to transfer and you’re all set!”

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