$600 Roundtrip Fares from New York to Berlin During the Summer

Some reasonable summer fares to Europe are starting to trickle out….

This FT thread found a $596 roundtrip fare (taxes included) from Newark to Berlin in June, July and August — about half the price everyone else is charging. Looks like an Air Canada fare, though you’ll be flying on Lufthansa through Frankfurt. I’m also seeing it for $644 on SWISS. Fares to Dusseldorf are similar.

(Before anyone freaks out, this isn’t an FD-trick fare*)

* It’s not even worth explaining what that is if that is meaningless to you, as those in the secret society who DO know about it won’t let anyone talk about it. They’re like freemasons. The first rule of FD Club is don’t talk about FD Club.


  1. There’s no trick, but some of the YQ is missing, so if you want it, you must hurry to book as they will correct shortly.

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