US Airways Expands Wi-Fi and “GoGo Vision” Across 90% of Fleet

US Airways is expanding its wi-fi presence by adding in-flight Internet to its A320 family (A319s and A320s) and Embraer 170 and 175s. Installation will begin this summer and be wrapped up by early next year.

When complete, 90% of the US Airways fleet will have in-flight Internet.

In addition, they will roll out GoGo Vision, a video-on-demand platform that is primarily cool because whatever you download on the plane will still be viewable on your device 72 hours after you land. This is especially handy considering that most Embraer 170 flights aren’t much longer than the length of a film (if that).

You may be noting that they still do not have in-flight power on their planes, which I think isn’t a huge deal for their domestic fleet since battery life has improve on most devices, and US Airways has very few domestic flights over 4 hours. This is a bigger deal on the international fleet, which also do not have in-flight power — that decision is pretty much inexcusable.

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