United Flight to Shanghai Includes 2 Days Stuck in Anchorage

A United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Shanghai turned into a long ordeal for passengers on Sunday when they found themselves stuck in Anchorage for an unexpected 2-day stop.

A few hours into the flight, crew (and passengers, I guess) discovered that several of the lavatories on the plane did not function. Pilots landed the plane mid-afternoon in Anchorage to fix the issue, but after several hours – when passengers were not permitted to deplane – it was determined that the aircraft could not be repaired.

At 8pm passengers deplaned, but they then waited 2 hours for meal and hotel vouchers, by which time airport restaurants were closed.

A new plane was flown in the next day, but after passengers boarded the crew found mechanical issues with that aircraft as well. Everyone was sent back to their hotels to wait it out another night.

A third plane was sent up to Anchorage on Tuesday, and the 777 was able to get everyone back on their way to Shanghai.

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