Kingfisher Airlines Cancels All International Service

I really didn’t mean to write constantly about the very, very slow death of India’s Kingfisher Airlines. I assumed they would disappear like a US-based airline where 1 day they’re here, and 1 day they’re not. But no. Not Kingfisher. It’s been months of not paying their employees and not paying their taxes and having their bank accounts seized and so on.

Now, they’ve canceled all of their international services. This is a big deal, not least of which because in India you need to be flying for 5 years before they’ll even grant you the right to fly internationally. And given the overcrowded domestic market, no one can run a profitable airline only flying within India.

March 25th is the last they’ll be flying to most cities outside India, except for London, which will be canceled April 9.

Little-by-little they’re shutting down and one day (apparently months from now) I’ll write about when the shutter. Until then, I would most definitely avoid them on any intra-India trips.

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