Double Miles with Continental Presidential Plus Card through April 30th (Sort of) – May Be Targeted

[UPDATE: Although the mailer I received contained no promo code, some readers are reporting that when they call Chase they are told the rep knows nothing about this promotion. The mailer did not say I needed to register, suggesting that if I met the spend minimums the bonus would be applied. YMMV.)

Continental (er…United) is offering cardholders of its now-defunct Presidential Plus card (that’s the one that gives you lounge access) double miles on all purchases through April 30th.

This is a great deal, except for the following 2 caveats:

1) The double miles don’t kick in until after your first $2,000;
2) You can only earn 50,000 miles during March and April.

The second one isn’t a big deal for most people, but that $2,000 hurdle is a big one for most people. However, if you’re not working on hitting a spend minimum on another card (many of us are working on that Amex PRG Business card from a couple of weeks ago), and you spend more than $4k/month, it’d be worth moving your spend over to this card (assuming you have it) for 2 months and maximizing those United miles.

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  1. Do you have a link to this promotion, Jared? I am thinking of SMing Chase to ask if I am eligible. Could be useful come tax-time.

  2. Thanks, I will check with them.

  3. No luck, unfortunately. Do you have a promotion code or offer code you could share?


  4. Just to clarify, the CSR couldnt locate the promotion so I thought providing an offer code might help. thanks.