Alaska Airlines $99 Companion Ticket No Longer Good for First Class

(Yes, I first saw this on THIS MILEPOINT THREAD)

One of the reasons people LOVED (or at least really liked) the Alaska Airlines Visa card was that you received a certificate good for a $99 companion fare that could be used on any fare class. In other words, you could buy a first class ticket and get a second first class ticket for $99. This made for a fantastic deal on flights to Hawaii, for example.

Well, those days are now officially over. Alaska (or Bank of America, their credit card partner) has changed the rules (see here) and that companion certificate is now only good for coach fares.

Does that make it worthless? No, of course not. But it does cut down significantly on the value of that perk. Add to that the rather sad 25,000 mile signup bonus, and you’ll have a lot of disappointed Alaska Airlines cardholders out there (you get the certificate each year).

UPDATE: (NEVER MIND). It’s still good on first class – BofA put the wrong copy on their site. Carry on.

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