Southwest Passenger Arrested After Painting Nails on Flight

My family knows that I basically have one rule in my life: no one can paint their nails in my vicinity. I’m serious. I’d rather sit in a middle seat for 18 hours on a charter flight filled entirely with tuna fish sandwiches. (Why would tuna fish sandwiches be chartering a flight? Good question. I’m not really sure.)

Anyway, a passenger on a Southwest flight from Los Angeles to Houston thought that for some reason it would be acceptable to inflict that smell on the other 150 people on the plane. Thankfully for those other people on the plane, the flight attendants asked the woman to stop. She agreed.

But then she decided that she really only had a couple of nails left to paint, and she really, really, really wanted to get them finished, so this person, obviously the most selfish person in the universe, headed to the bathroom to finish painting her nails in there, since no one would notice that smell trapped in that tiny cubicle.

A flight attendant confronted her when she exited the now-very-stinky bathroom, an argument ensued, and the passenger apparently spoke in a not particularly nice manner at the flight attendant. When the plane landed in Houston, police arrested her.

Charges were eventually dropped, but only after spending 10 hours in jail, which was clearly not long enough.


  1. Years ago, when I was flying frequently for my job, I was happily settled in my aisle before takeoff, when the woman in the middle row across from me began to clip her husband’s (in the aisle seat) nails.

    She was CLIPPING HIS NAILS on the plane.

    Little bits of his nails flying everywhere as she clipped.

    15 years later, I’m still traumatized.

  2. I love the smell of nail polish !!!!

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