Lufthansa Unveils New Business Class Seats…You Still Won’t Be Thrilled

Lufthansa held an event to showcase their new business class seats (photos here) that will be introduced on their 747-8s coming this spring.

Unlike their current angled lie-flat beds, these do go completely flat, which is why you’ll be happy about them (angled lie-flat beds are extremely frustrating, as they would appear to be fantastic, except at 3 o’clock in the morning when you find yourself scrunched up accordion-style at the base of the seat that you have slid down).

You will be unhappy about them because they will be configured in a “V” type formation, meaning that A) your feet will be very close to those of your neighbor, which is fine if it’s your spouse and less fine if it’s a 47-year old middle manager from Exxon. And B) there is no aisle access for the person on sitting on the window, meaning that while you will no longer be bunched up in a ball at the base of your seat at 3 am, you will be figuring out a way to maneuver yourself over the 47-year old Exxon middle manager so you can use the bathroom.

Still, certainly an improvement over the current situation.


  1. Lufthansa took their time developing this product to ensure it met the expectations of their passengers, whilst also fulfilling the requirements of their crew and service personel (all of which have been regularly consulted with throughout development).

    The new Lufthansa C/CL seat certainly doesn’t compete with the likes of Singapore’s in terms of seat width or aisle access, nor does it try to. The density of a product such as Singapore’s makes it completely insufficient for Lufthansa. The airline and their designers have, however, taken the chosen layout and painstakingly developed features and details which no other airline would have the foresight / insight to offer (such as the beautifully simple seat control interface).

    As someone who has actually flown on this seat (during the test flights in 2010) I can promise you all that this seat needs to be seen to be believed. The detailing and quality is unparalleled!

    As for the proximity of your feet with your neighbour; their is a screen in that separates you from them – not a problem I can assure you! Plus, your upper bodies are much further apart than a normal seat which actually increases the sense of privacy!

    For all those looking and hoping for radical C/CL products I would say this; the time has come when Airlines need to be more intelligent when developing their cabin interiors, in order to find the right mix of efficiency and comfort. The world cannot afford for Emirites to be flying 100 A380’s around when intelligent design could have done just as good a job with 50!

    Lufthansa seem to (as usual) have found their own, well considered (albeit with some compromises) route. And I wouldn’t mind betting that history will prove it is the right one!