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El Al CEO: We Aren’t in an Alliance Because We’re Jews

I’m not quite sure what this means or whether I (or you) should be offended or something, but EL Al’s CEO told the Knesset that the reason El Al is not in an alliance is “because we’re Jews, not due to any economic reason…”

Perhaps that quote was taken out of context (doubt it), but I can only guess that he’s saying that because the airline flies only 6 days a week, that financially an alliance may have an issue with the carrier. Except that he says that it was not due to any economic reason.

So I have no idea what that means, but I thought I’d pass along.

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  1. Dumb remark by EL AL — even dumber to pass it on with any reason

  2. SHOULD READ — pass it on “with out” any reason

  3. I think it’s funny. The humor of your blog set is aside from the others.

  4. “sets it aside”

  5. Is it possible he’s saying that other airlines won’t ally with them because they’re jews?

  6. “Is it possible he’s saying that other airlines won’t ally with them because they’re jews?”

    That’s how the newspaper interprets it, since the sub-headline is this: “Eliezer Shkedi complained that El Al is handicapped by being excluded from major international airline alliances.”

    Of course, it is theoretically possible that the 3 main alliances would chose not to have El Al join because they’d be concerned that “more valuable” Islamic airlines might then refuse to join. Of course, other than Emirates — which isn’t in any of the alliances — I’m hard pressed to think of an Arab airline that would be a more lucrative partner than El Al.