A Review of the Westin Diplomat in Haiku

Why read a 2,000 word review of the Westin Diplomat when 17 syllables will suffice?

High-floor rooms – great views
Elevators stop all floors
Makes 12 stops then mine


  1. LOL nice haiku!

  2. please do this for every future hotel review :)

  3. Excellent haiku but not very helpful really. I mean, I’m still on the edge of my seat wondering what brand of shampoo your bathroom had (and how many ounces) or if you received a credit for a free bottle of water (and what brand) at check-in or if the concierge addressed you in an agreeable fashion to which your status deserves!! You know, all those those things that either make or break a stay.
    (It’s nice to have found a blog in my style.)