SkyTeam Launches Pass So You Can Fly Around Africa

Some good news for people planning trips to Africa: SkyTeam has launched its Go Africa Pass, which will allow you to fly around the continent on Kenya Airways when you book a roundtrip SkyTeam flight to Africa, or a SkyTeam flight to Africa as part of a round-the-world itinerary.

You need to book your first African flight 3 days before the international departure, but your future flights can be book with no advance purchase. The get the pass, you must also fly a minimum of 3 legs within Africa, though you are allowed to double-back through cities you’ve already flown to.

The best part, though, is that you can buy the Go Africa pass if you’ve booked a frequent flyer ticket to Africa, not just a paid ticket. It’s a great way to extend your travel once you’re there.

Flight costs are based on distance flown, though they are up to 75% less than buying a regular fare ticket.


  1. Looks great for a region with often outrageously high airfares.