Some Credit Cards with Good Bonuses That People Often Forget

One of the things I’ve noticed as I’ve been helping people create credit card signup plans (shameless plug) is that even clients who have signed up for a bunch of cards over the years tend to miss a few that have good bonuses associated with them. I thought I’d call those out today:

– The US Airways Business Mastercard. 25,000 miles after the first purchase, $79 annual fee. You’re basically buying 25,000 miles for $79. This is helpful when used in conjunction with the US Airways personal card that earns 40,000 miles after the first purchase with the first year fee waived.

– The Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus Business credit card. The 50,000 point bonus for the Southwest cards have been around on-and-off for a while now (though frankly you don’t hear about it much because the affiliate offer is only 25,000 miles). But most people forget about the Business version of the credit card, which offers the same 50,000 point bonus after first purchase. Annual fee is $69.

– Chase Freedom Visa. (THIS OFFER IS NOW EXPIRED) This deal is only good if you already have a Sapphire or Ink Bold® Charge Card card. If you do, the Freedom will give you 30,000 Freedom points after $500 spend, with no annual fee. Those Freedom points can be transferred into Ultimate Rewards (at 1:1) if you have the Sapphire or Ink Bold® Charge Card. The application page says $300 cash back, but that means you’re getting 30,000 Freedom points which can be either turned into $300 cash back, or 30,000 Ultimate Rewards points. (Again, you don’t hear much about this because the affiliate deal is a smaller bonus).

American Express Starwood Business card. The same deal as fan-favorite Amex SPG personal card, only it’s the business version that people forget about. 25,000 bonus points after $5,000 spend in 6 months (so you’ll have 30,000 SPG points after minimum spend). First year fee waived. That $5k spend can scare people off, but unlike, say, the Ink Bold® Charge Card (which offers 50k Ultimate Rewards points after $5k spend), you have 6 months to do it instead of the more typical 3 months (like the Ink).

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Amex. Consider this a good, not great deal. 45,000 miles after $2,500 spend, but the $90 annual fee is not waived. I bring this card up because you can transfer those miles to Hilton at 1:2 (like the Hawaiian cards, which I’ve mentioned so many times here that I’m not going to list it in a post about cards people forget about — whoops, I just mentioned it), so you’re basically getting 90,000 Hilton Hhonors points for $90. If you’re a Hilton person, that’s a pretty good deal.

(Disclosure: Of the cards listed above, I only have affiliate relationships with the SPG Business card and the Ink Bold® Charge Card card. Feel free not to apply for those if that bothers you.)


  1. Very helpful post, thank you!