Stinky Diaper Causes Flight Diversion in Australia

A Qantas flight from Darwin to Brisbane had to divert to Mt. Isa because passengers reported smelling smoke coming from the bathroom.

Flight crew took precautionary measures and landed the 767 at the small airport, which typically does not handle planes of that size. Passengers were reportedly forklifted (whee!) off the plane. On a positive note, the airline bought everyone pizzas.

Upon investigation, it was determined that the smell in the toiled was, in fact, a dirty diaper. In fairness, flushing a dirty diaper may have clogged up the toilet and caused overheating, which would have led to smoke. Or, a baby poop just smelled bad.

Qantas brought in a 737 to carry passengers the rest of the way to Brisbane.

(I apologize, as the original article was written in Australian — I’m just assuming that “nappy stuck in loo” means that a toilet was backed up from a diaper. It may also have something to do with a koala bear, a boomerang and Paul Hogan.)

Thanks to long-time OTR reader Brenda for the heads up.


  1. Haha, your humorous posts always make me smile! :)