Buy or Gift US Airways Miles for Half Price

US Airways credit card holders can purchase or gift Dividend Miles for half price through February 29th.

Miles are normally $35 for 1,000 miles, so it’ll now cost you (do the math) $17.50 for 1,000 miles. Not amazing, but not bad either, especially if you’re just a few thousand miles short of an award. I’ve read enough people suggesting that they might buy 100,000 miles for $1750 or so and consider it a bargain, since they can buy a $5,000 business class ticket to Europe with it. I’m not that kinda guy – but to each his own.

You must have a Dividend Miles account open for at least 12 days to qualify.


  1. By that same logic, couldn’t they always just buy 100k miles for $3500 (getting that business class ticket valued at $5000 for $1500 off)?

    i know this is a better deal (and these go to 11) but I’m just saying.

    • That’s my point. I never advocate buying points to get an award, but some people think $1300 (or whatever) is worth it for a biz class ticket to Europe.

  2. I disagree. I travel with my wife once a year to visit my parents and they fly out once to visit us. If all of us fly business class thats 120K x 4 = 480K a year. I started the mileage game just last year and my balance is nowhere close to that big to sustain that kind of hit each year.
    so I do the credit card thing and also purchase some miles when 100% bonus is going on (delta and us airways) and use the credit card minimum spend for these sometimes.

    Its not a perfect situation but it works for me.

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