United Announces Nonstop from Washington, DC, to Honolulu Starting June 7th

It’s always good news when we see new nonstop service from the East Coast to Hawaii. Hawaiian Airlines announced new nonstop service from JFK, which gives those of us in NYC 2 nonstop options to Honolulu (with Continental). Today, United announced that it will launch daily nonstop service from Washington Dulles to Honolulu beginning June 7th.

Flight departs IAD at 12:50pm and arrives at 5:15pm, in time for connections to neighbor islands. (Though to be honest, it may be easier to connect in LAX or SFO and fly directly to other islands). Return departs at 8:05pm and arrives at 11:30am in Dulles, making for a good night’s sleep.


  1. Thanks for the information. I was very excited as first, since I can get to IAD relatively easily and a nonstop flight is a selling point for me. Unfortunately, the timing (midday departure westbound) leaves something to be desired from a leisure traveler’s perspective. I’d much rather leave in the morning (even 10am to allow connecting domestic flights) and have that extra couple of hours in Hawaii.

    • I hear what you’re saying, but you make it up on the return. Continental’s return to EWR leaves at 3ish, meaning you lose almost the whole day if you’re coming from another island. The 8pm departure gives you a good chunk of day in Maui. (8pm departure means the flight lands at 1130am in DC, so it can’t leave much before 1250pm).

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