Weekend Roundup

Let’s see, what did we miss from the weekend?

– Star Alliance carrier Spanair shut down, leaving a whole bunch of people stranded and forcing Star Alliance flyers to find another way to get to Malaga.

– Delta is rumored to be considering purchasing US Airways. It’s very early, so who knows, but I do know a couple of things: they would have an enormous presence East of the Mississippi with bases at JFK, LaGuardia, Philadelphia, DCA, Detroit, Cincinnati, Charlotte and Atlanta. And this will never, ever happen. I’ve got to imagine this is being floated to drive up the price AA will pay for US Airways. Unless Southwest jumps in and buys AA. I’m kinda joking. Kinda.

– I stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia last weekend, and I’m not a big trip report guy so if you’d like to see photos of the place, you are free to go to Tripadvisor. But I thought I’d mention it for 2 reasons: 1) 7 staff members opened the doors or were standing at the doors waiting to help us when we arrived, which I found pretty striking; and 2) My corporate rate was $160 for a regular room and $260 for the suite we had (I thought I could not turn down a suite at the Ritz for $260). I’m happy to share the code (which can be used to book online) if you’d like to email me. Of course that is just for informational purposes, as you should not share your corporate rate with anyone. But if you were to email me and say you are compiling a list of useful corporate rates for research that could be used by future generations (or to cure a disease, perhaps), I’d be happy to pass it along.

– I think I read something on one of the other blogs about a “MegaDo”? Did any of the other bloggers write anything about it? (insert maniacal cackling here). (Did I just make a travel blogger joke? I guess I’m the lame one…)

– An update to the compensation that Costa will be offering passengers on ship that went down in Italy: in addition to everything I wrote about here, uninjured passengers will also be given $14,400 each.

– Starting May 1st, the Thai Airways nonstop from Los Angeles to Bangkok will now be a 1-stop via Seoul.


  1. Thanks for making me smile :) A little humor on a Monday morning can go a long way and I loved your little blogger-jokes (as corny as they may be…)

  2. I guess the 100 bucks for the upgrade came at the the savings on babysitters.

  3. Wonder when CO plans to tell me it has no plans for how I’m getting from BCN-MAD. (I already planned to take the train on the inbound; the outbound flight is the problem).