Reminder: Free Hilton Hhonors Gold Still Available

It was discussed widely a month ago, but I thought I’d just add a reminder that the free Hilton Hhonors Gold promo through Visa is still live. If you haven’t yet gotten your free Gold status through May 2013 (free Internet and breakfast), here’s how:

– Visit this page
– Change your HHonors account to have an Australian address (easy enough to Google an Australian address to put in there)
– Enter 442394 as the first 6 digits of your Visa Infinite Card
– Fill out the rest of the brief form
– Enjoy your Gold status
– Change your address back

(Thanks to Milepoint for the friendly reminder that this is still live)


  1. Thanks. Looks like that will get my wife and me free cookies(?) during an upcoming Homewood Suites stay in Seattle. What’s so special about Australia?

  2. Jared,

    Many thanks for my new Gold Hhonors account!

  3. Free Hilton Gold Status | Million Mile Secrets - pingback on January 28, 2012 at 4:03 am
  4. 2 Convention Ctr Place South Wharf
    Melbourne, Australia 3006

    For some reason it will not let me save this address. Should I be using Area pacific correct?

  5. If someone already has gold status, does this offer any benefit?

  6. Ladies and Gents the code u provided is operable, but make sure you select the correct region to update the address on the HHonors site.

    Gold it is ! 01/31/12

    • Hi NYCEE or any one else that may help… I tried the Visa code but am getting error messages??

  7. Im not sure how that code works when it asks for a 16 digit visa number. Any help?

  8. Is the Gold status really good until May 2013? I did the virtual move and got the Gold status but it also reads underneath my status: “Based on nights earned this year, your 2013 tier would be Blue.

    To maintain Gold status in 2013, you need 36 more nights. ”

    I’m worried I’ll lose the Gold Status when January 2013 hits.

  9. My wife & I both have the Southwest Credit Cards (2 each0 and have both earned our companion passes good through Dec 2014. The annual fees are due Dec 1, 2013 – $69 for each of us ane $99 for each. Would you consider cancelling these four Southwest cards now? How do you think Chase will react?

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