In Case You Were Wondering What Compensation Those Costa Cruise Passengers Received…

You were likely not wondering what compensation the cruise company was going to offer the poor folks who were on that Costa Cruise that went down in Italy (unless you were me, in case you were very much wondering that). If you’re a nutcase like me, I have the answer for you:

– They will refund the full price of the cruise.
– They will reimburse travel both to AND from Italy.
– Any charges made onboard will be refunded.
– They’ll pay for any medical expenses.
– They are searching for stuff left in the safe in the cabins and are trying to return those. If they are not found, they are making arrangements for compensation.

Apparently some media outlets were reporting they were only offering a 30% coupon off a future cruise. Those reports were untrue.

(Thanks, Travelweekly!)


  1. I heard that the 30% coupon off for future cruises was for people who were not on the ship, but had booked it already for the days after the ship had sunk.

  2. Aw, that’s a pretty big mistake for the media to make. I heard that number and KNEW it had to be untrue (Carnival, which is Costa’s owner, is better than that), but I wasn’t interested enough to research the matter myself. Thanks for the info.