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Half Off Gap Gift Card Through Membership Rewards: $25 Card for 1,250 Points

I know it’s not travel, but it is a good use of Membership Rewards so I thought I’d post: You can get a $25 Gap gift card for only 1,250 Membership Rewards points. You can buy multiple cards at a time, but only $25 cards are half-off.

Theoretically, you could buy $2500 worth of Gap gift cards for 125,000 Membership Rewards points, then turn that into $2,178 via YMMV on that.

Earn points and get cash back gift cards by using a Gap credit card.

  1. Can Gap gift cards be used at and at Banana Republic stores?

  2. Can Gap cards be consolidated? I could not find anything from a quick googling…

  3. BTW, not sure how you came up with $2178, PJ would offer $2179 in Amazon GC but only $2075 in cash.

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