MileagePlus 2012 Benefits Will Kick In March 3rd

I think I neglected to mention here that United MileagePlus had extended your 2011 benefits to go past the February 1st date when your previous year’s status expired. Because of some issues around integration of OnePass and MileagePlus, the companies weren’t ready to transition on Feb 1.

Today they announced that 2012 benefits will begin on March 3rd. If your status for 2012 is higher than your 2011 status, you already can benefit (as I have) from the higher status. But if your status for 2012 is lower than 2011, you’ll be keeping that higher status until March 3rd. After that, get in the back of line!!!!!

United is going to send you a sticker to put on your card so you can still use it to get into lounges if you have Gold status and you’re traveling internationally.

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