Car Service from LaGuardia to NYC, $4 for New Jetsetter Members (Other Cities, Too)

Jetsetter (the flash deals site for travel) is running an offer for $29 for Groundlink limo service to or from LaGuardia to Manhattan. JFK/EWR is available for $39; Midway/O’Hare to/from Chicago is $39; LAX or SFO to downtown also $39.

I’m mentioning this because if you are new to Jetsetter and signup through my referral link, you’ll get a $25 credit immediately, making that LaGuardia trip $4 and the others $14. (Disclosure: I’ll also get a $25 credit if you make a purchase). Obviously, I wouldn’t be sharing this deal if it weren’t great. Although the city bus that stops in front of my apartment and goes to LaGuardia is $2.50, I’ll take the $4 limo any day.

Here’s how to do it:

1) Go to Jetsetter via this link.

2) Enter your email address

3) On the homepage, click on “LOG IN” on the upper right.

4) Create an account.

5) Find the Groundlink sale listed under “Flash Sales” (or click here)

6) Note that on the upper right hand side of the site you have a $25 credit. Apply that when you make your purchase of the voucher.

7) Enjoy cheap airport transfer.

Offer expires January 23rd.


  1. Not sure if this will work, I signed up using your link and booked the JFK voucher ($39 dollar). When I submitted the payment, indicated I would need to pay $14. Then I got the confirmation email stating “Your card ending XXXX was charged $39”!!!

    Will need to wait until the charge shows up on my CC online statement to know for sure which amount was charged.

    At least you will get the $25 referral fee, I guess. Thanks.

  2. I have the same issue Bart. I bought it last night and had the same message. I bought the same voucher as you too. I wonder if everyone is not having the credit applied or if it is just those who bought the JFK voucher. I’ve e-mailed the address Jared supplied.

    • Definitely let us know what they say, Rachel. There’s no reason why you can’t apply the credit (especially after they tell you that they’ve applied the credit).

      • So – I bought the voucher as well. Yes, it says $39 on the email you receive. But my credit card was only charged $14 (check your credit card account).

        Enjoy your limo ride!