OTR Tournament of Credit Cards: Championships

Welcome to The Finals of the Tournament of Credit Cards. If you were here yesterday, feel free to skip below to Friday’s voting.

If not, perhaps a little intro would help: We thought we would try something kinda goofy this week. Today launches the first ever OTR Tournament of Credit Cards, in which you, the reader, will vote to crown the best credit card out there.

I’ve created a bracket (below) of the 16 top credit cards (as determined by OTR staff), and we’ve ranked them based on the same criteria used to create the BCS rankings (coaches poll, media poll, computer rankings, coinflip, random number generator, live goat sacrifice). We wanted to give the different types of cards a shot at winning, so we’ve included 4 high-end cards; 4 cash-back cards; 4 airline cards; and 4 general use cards.

We’re down to the finals. In a shocker, the Amex Starwood Card beat out the Amex Premier Rewards Gold card handily yesterday to make it to the finals against the #1 seeded Chase Sapphire Preferred card. Vote all weekend long and find out Monday who will be crowned the #1 card of 2011.

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  1. Fun. Great idea!