Delta: Only $399.95 for a Year’s Worth of Wi-Fi.

Delta is offering an amazing bargain: for $400, they’ll give you a year’s worth of wi-fi on their planes. Not all of their planes, of course, since some don’t have wi-fi. But don’t worry, you’re still paying! United charges just about the same amount for a year’s worth of extra legroom. But you are now welcome to pay $400 for Internet access. Awesome!

Access is usually $15/flight, so after you fly 26 flights, the rest of essentially free!

(Editor’s Note: that was all sarcastic.)

Here’s the email:

This holiday season, enjoy the gift of convenience and year-round connectivity.

You can now purchase an annual Delta Wi-Fi pass and stay connected all year long for only $399.95. Take advantage of this Wi-Fi rate, which is the best value for frequent Delta travelers. You’ll get unlimited access to Gogo┬« Inflight Internet onboard all Delta Wi-Fi equipped flights for a full year.

Get your annual subscription on now or the next time you’re onboard any of our 2,500+ daily flights with Wi-Fi. Then, enjoy easy sign-in and online access for the next 365 days.

We offer the largest fleet of Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft in the world, so you can stay connected on the fly. Plus, you can look forward to Wi-Fi on more than 250 Delta Connection® two-class jets by early 2012.

Thanks for flying with us. We hope to see you onboard (and online!) soon.

(Thanks to reader Aarti for the heads up)


  1. Im glad you added the editor’s note about being sarcastic. I was about to comment “you’ve got to be kidding…”.

  2. A good way to get rid of extra 2011 budget?

  3. missing the poing

    what about all those times a Delta plane flies over head? you can jump on the internet, having already paid.