United Announces Rollout Date for First Economy Plus Seats on a Continental Aircraft

Continental flyers who have been excited about the prospect of extra legroom on CO metal will be happy to know that the first Continental plane outfitted with Economy Plus seating will roll out on November 19th. Airline dorks (hey – that’s me!) will also be happy to know the plane will be retrofitted with Channel 9, allowing civilians to listen to cockpit chatter.

The 767-400 (no routes announced) will also feature flat beds up front, an upgrade from the older seats found on Continental’s 767s, as well as improved AVOD and in-seat power in Economy (welcome to 2006, Continental!). I kid. I kid.

The fleetwide upgrade will be done by the end of 2012 or early 2013 (from what I can tell). Those of us who fly CO should be happy about the additional legroom options. I find that for longer flights Continental isn’t really an option if I can’t grab one of the exit rows because of the rather squished 31″ pitch.

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