Passengers Told to Pay for Their Fuel on Flight to England

Comtel Air, a small Austrian airline, was flying passengers from Amritsar, India, to Birmingham, England, when the company ran low on cash and asked customers to collect roughly $30,000 to pay for fuel after the plane stopped for refueling in Vienna. Yes, I know, that sounds like Ryanair. But passengers reported that they each had to pony up 150 Euros so the plane could be refueled. If passengers did not have cash, they were told to go into the terminal to an ATM and withdraw some.

The tiny airline has been flying the Birmingham-Amritsar route for about a month without incident (or without an incident where they asked passengers to pay for fuel midway through the trip).

Spanish airline Mint Lineas Aereas, which was leasing the plane to Comtel, has taken the aircraft back, causing Comtel to cancel all upcoming flights.

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