Captain Locks Self in Bathroom, Inadvertently Causes Terror Scare

It’s worth reading the whole story here, but the captain of a Chatauqua Airlines flight from Asheville, North Carolina, to LaGuardia got stuck in the lavatory of the small plane and, in a ridiculous series of events, ended up causing fighter jets to be put on alert.

After the captain was stuck for a bit in the bathroom, he banged on the door for a while until one of the passengers heard him and came over to the bathroom. The captain told the passenger (who, it turns out, spoke with an accent of some sort) to go knock on the cockpit door to alert the co-pilot what was happening.

The passenger banged on the door and asked the co-pilot to open the cockpit door. That freaked out the co-pilot, who called air traffic control to tell them that a man with a Middle Eastern accent was banging on the cockpit door, demanding to be let in. Hilarity ensues.

The captain eventually opens the door to the bathroom, the whole thing is straightened out, and Zack Morris learns his lesson about not being honest with Mr. Belding (sorry – that was Saved by the Bell).


  1. And the pax with accent is currently in Gitmo while they try to figure out what to do with him? ;)

    Was ther no FA the pax could have talked to? Or was s/he in the cockpit with the copilot?