AirTran Will No Longer Be Part of Membership Rewards After February 2012

AirTran will be ending their relationship with Membership Rewards after February 29, 2012. Not particularly shocking considering Southwest does not have ties with Membership Rewards.

While I guess that this is not a huge deal for most people, I did want to point out one of the more intriguing Membership Rewards redemption options we’ll be losing:

AirTran will let you redeem 100 A+ Rewards credits for a 1-year Companion Pass on the airline. In other words, you can have one person (spouse?) fly with you for free for a year. MR points convert to A+ Rewards at 1500 MR points for 1 A+ credit. In short, you can get a 1-year companion pass for 150,000 Membership Rewards points.

Obviously, that’s not a great deal for everyone, but for some 150,000 MR points for unlimited travel for a year is beyond a steal.

And while AirTran and Southwest are running their airlines as separate businesses for now, they may be combined in the next year, meaning your companion pass could – could – get you unlimited travel on Southwest as well. That’s not a definite, but it is a possibility.

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