500 Mileage Plus Miles for Downloading Toolbar…1500 Additional for $125 Purchase

Well, I guess that headline kinda summed it up. Download the Mileage Plus toolbar by November 11th and you’ll get 500 bonus United Mileage Plus miles. Make a $125 purchase (flowers, anyone?) and you’ll get another 1,500 miles.

Actually, FTD.com is now giving 25 miles per dollar. Download the toolbar, make a $125 flower purchase (you’re a hero!) and you’ll earn 5,125 miles. Not too bad…


  1. woot milage-earning christmas gifts :) this could actually make a nice gift for someone you have to spend a lot of money on but never know what to get (family-in-law, for example).


  2. Is this really true? If it is, this so great! 5,000 miles for $125? I’ll might be able to save a lot. One last question, is the toolbar free?