The Struggles of Being an Airline Dork

Scene: I’m in a meeting with an agency that’s pitching us a project. Someone from the agency is walking us through a Powerpoint deck of some of their recent work. On the screen is a picture of a Virgin Atlantic plane with the words “Virgin Airlines” written above it. This conversation ensues:

Agency: We’ve done some interesting projects with a number of innovative companies. I wanted to highlight a recent initiative we created for Virgin Airlines.

My brain: Virgin Airlines? Don’t say it out loud. Don’t be that guy. Don’t say it.

Agency: When Virgin Airlines came to us —

Brain: No such thing. Just move on. Don’t say anything. Let it go. It’s not important.

Agency: —we helped Virgin Airlines sell $3 million worth of tickets.

Brain: I have to say something. She keeps saying it over and over. I think she’s taunting me. No, please don’t say it out loud. Just drop it.

Agency: — Virgin Airlines has already said they would run the program again.

Brain: Dammit, man. If she said it once I could forgive, but over and over? It’s like she wants me to be that tool who corrects her.

Agency: Virgin Airlines Virgin Airlines Virgin Airlines Virgin Airlines (I may be paraphrasing here)

Me: (not being able to take it any longer) Was this for Virgin Atlantic?

Agency: No, for Virgin America.

Brain: Whew. Now we can let it go.

Agency: Virgin Airlines was very pleased with the results.



  1. It is a fair question to expect your agency to know the name of their clients! It may even be representative of the work they finally produce.

  2. This made me lol, albeit softly, but even then that is a fairly impressive feat. Well played

  3. Great story Jared. I would have done the exact same thing.