Yes, a Passenger Is Suing Continental Because There Was Turbulence on Her Flight

Back in 2009, Colleen O’Neal took a Continental Airlines flight (operated by Colgan Air) from College Station, Texas, to Houston. The flight encountered some pretty severe turbulence due to thunderstorms and tornadoes in the area, causing the quick hop to take about two hours as the plane maneuvered around the scattered storms.

For this, Ms. O’Neal is now suing Continental Airlines (as well as United Airlines and Colgan Air) because she claims she has post-traumatic stress disorder from the flight.


Yes, she said she has post-traumatic stress disorder from the flight. How so? The suit notes that the plane “fell repeatedly, and felt as if it had lost power and was falling out of the sky.” Felt as if it had lost power? Falling out of the sky? Oy.

Anyhoo, she’s claiming loss of income because she was hoping to go to work for FEMA, but now she can’t fly. Obviously, she’ll collect millions.


  1. She will collect. I saw a picture of her attorney on a billboard here in the D…… James J******* Esquire. :razz: