Reminder: How to Earn 5 Points Per Dollar on Continental, Marriott and More with Chase Freedom

It’s not new, but with the seemingly endless great credit card offers this year you may have missed how you can earn 5 miles (Continental/United or British Airways) or points (Marriott, Hyatt or Priority Club) for every dollar spent.

People who have the Chase Freedom credit card earn 1 point for every dollar spent. Those points are then redeemable for cash back. Those who sign up get 10,000 bonus points with $500 spend, which would earn you $100 cash back. Plus – no annual fee.

That’s OK, but what makes this interesting is that if you also have a Chase Sapphire Preferred card, you can transfer those Freedom points into the Sapphire Ultimate Rewards program, which allows you to transfer into Continental/United, British Airways, Marriott, Hyatt and Priority Club at a 1:1 ratio.

This gets interesting because each quarter, there are a handful of spending categories where the Freedom card earns you 5 points for each dollar spent (up to $1500 — 7500 points — per quarter). In Q4 (ie, now) you’ll earn 5 points per dollar at restaurants, in department stores, at the movies, or when you donate to charity.

You just have to link the Freedom card to your Ultimate Rewards account. Simply log in to your Ultimate Rewards account, go to ‘Manage Ultimate Rewards’ then choose ‘Combine Points.’ It’s that easy.

If you have a Sapphire Preferred card it would certainly be worth getting that Freedom card to take advantage of the bonus categories – it’d be an easy way to earn extra 30,000 miles a year with only $6000 in spend.


  1. Good post! I have a question. My sister recently received a mail for a pre-approved freedom card with “exclusive benefits” where if she has a Chase checking account, she can get 10% more points for her purchases plus 10 extra points per transaction. However, it didn’t state about the $200 cash back that is usually seen with freedom offers.
    Any chance she can apply and speak to Chase about adding that to her account?

    Also, she isn’t obsessed into credit card sign ups and points like I am so she has no use for it. Since I don’t have a Chase Freedom card, can I sign her up for the card and add myself as an authorized user so I can take advantage of the offer?

    When someone is pre-approved for a card, are they automatically going to be approved after signing up?


    • Hi Stan,

      She should absolutely call Chase – people are definitely getting both the $200 cash back and the 10%/10pt bonus. I’m certain they’ll do it over the phone for her.

      She has no use for $200 cash back? I’m pretty sure she does ;)

      You can take advantage of the Chase Freedom offer (you can apply in the link in this post, or you can do a search online). You can add yourself as an authorized user, and since Chase will allow you to link your sister’s Freedom account to your Ultimate Rewards account, you can do the spend, and then transfer those Freedom points into your Ultimate Rewards account by linking them as described in the post.

      Pre-approval is not a guarantee — you may still be denied (if you’ve opened a bunch of Chase cards recently, for example, you may get some grief from them).

      hope that helps!

      • I’m sure she can use the $200 too! =]She doesn’t play the credit card game nor has any cards so she won’t mind using an inquiry to help me out. I’m going to ask her to get the card and put me as an authorized user. Would doing this prevent me from getting the Chase Freedom card with the full benefits in the future if I’m an authorized user?

        Also, if we get the cards, would Chase get suspicious if only my authorized user card is constantly being used and her primary card doesn’t get used at all? Thanks

        • You should have no problem getting your own card if you are an authorized user on another card.

          They will not care if the primary card isn’t being used.

  2. Jeez — this stuff is too confusing! I actually cancelled my Freedom card after I applied for the Sapphire card sign-up bonus because Chase told me I needed to reduce my credit line on another card to qualify. I wasn’t using my Freedom card beacuse the shifting reward categories seemed like too much trouble to me! Oh well.