Yes, The AA 75k Bonus Is Dead; But the 50k Bonus Is Not

For those following the seemingly neverending 75k bonus on American Airlines Citi cards, it appears those links are FINALLY expired (thanks for the 150,000 miles, Citi!). On Flyertalk and other blogs some seem to be implying that there are no longer any good deals left with AA credit cards. That is nonsense.

Through this link, you can still get the Visa and Amex with a 50,000 mile bonus after $2,500 in spend in 4 months, as well as the Business Visa with the same 50,000 mile bonus after $2,500 in spend in 4 months. First year fees waived on all 3 cards. Plus you get 2 lounge passes and double miles on American Airlines spend.

Same rules apply – use two browser trick for the Amex and Visa, then wait 65 days to apply for the business card. Is it 225,000 miles for $7,000 in total spend? No. But if anyone is going to complain about 150,000 miles for $7,500 in spend, they are nuts.

Enjoy the miles!


  1. quick question – i read somewhere that you might not be eligible for these bonuses if you have had a similar card before. My wife got the Citi AA MASTERCARD in may 2010. Can she apply for the Citi Visa and AMex and pocket the 50K ?

  2. I already have the 75k visa and amex before citi killed it. Can I sign my wife up for the 50k ones using my wife’s info, but have them linked to my AA AAdvantage number?