Openskies to End Washington – Paris Service

Yesterday I wrote about Openskies’ $750 round trip business class fares from Washington DC to Paris. Those fares are still available, but now it’s a clearance sale: tucked away in a release about offering iPads on flights between Newark and Paris is a note that they will no longer fly Washington to Paris beginning October 29th. This leaves Newark as their sole destination from Paris.

Openskies is a steal (flights are usually about $1900 round trip in business class) and service is fantastic. It’s beyond extremely difficult to make all-premium-class TransAtlantic service work (in fact, no one has done it successfully as its own airline — BA does fly single class flights from London City to New York, but it doesn’t have to be successful as its own company). It’s a shame, because at those prices, it’s was a fantastic value for premium class service to Europe. We’ll see how much longer Newark can last. And remember, 75,000 BA miles gets you a flight to Paris on Openskies. It’s a great deal.

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