Yes, the Continental-Membership Rewards Transfer Is Ending…Chill, Please

Posted on the wall of the OTR office is a sign saying, “Don’t write about what everyone else is writing about.” Hence, that’s why I haven’t bothered to mention the September 30th finale of Continental transfers from Membership Rewards. Everyone else has given their 2 cents. You don’t need mine.

Except, I just think everyone needs to chill a bit here. It’s not the end of the world (the revoking of Presidents Club for Amex Platinum members is much worse). You can still transfer points to Star Alliance carriers Air Canada, Singapore and ANA (which often has much better redemption rates through their mileage-based chart.) Unless you are booking an award on September 30th on Continental, and you’re short some miles, I’d let this go.

(Now I’ll go back to not writing about what everyone else is writing about.)

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