The Quickest Way to 140,000 Hhonors Points…Only $158

It’s been pretty widely publicized at this point that you can open a Hawaiian Airlines Visa Signature card through Bank of America and earn 35,000 Hawaiian Airlines miles, which can then be transferred into Hilton Hhonors points at a 1:2 ratio, earning you 70,000 Hilton points. Not too shabby. (Apply for that card here – $79 annual fee applies, and you need to spend $1,000 in 4 months).

But did you know that there is a nearly identical card issued by the Bank of Hawaii that offers the same terms? You can apply for it here — same $79 fee, same 35,000 mile bonus after $1000 in spend.

You can apply for both cards (because the banks are unrelated) and earn both bonuses with no problem at all. $158 in annual fees + $2k in spend later, you’ll have 140,000 Hhonors points. Those can be used for 2-3 nights at most top-tier hotels, and a couple of weeks worth of stays at lower tier hotels. Actually, the cash & points deal for Waldorf Hotels (30k points + $100/night) is a great deal when combined with this offer.

Plus, check point stretcher hotels here for even better discounts at a handful of properties.


  1. I heard that if you don’t qualify for the Visa Signature card, BOA will automatically give you the lower card with 10,000 points instead. Not sure about the Bank of Hawaii card though.

  2. Yes, that’s true. For you to get the full points, you’ll need good credit so you qualify for the Visa Signature card. Thanks for the clarification.

    • Is it mainly on good credit or household income as well to get the Visa Signature card? I’m a college student with a 730+ credit score and when I applied for the Chase SW card, they didn’t give me the Visa Signature card but a regular one. I am really interested in applying for these cards to get hilton points.

  3. Can the points be transferred to anyone’s Hilton account?

  4. I think your links to the CC applications might be backwords (BofA goes link goes to Bank of Hawaii)

  5. I believe you can only transfer the points to your own Hilton account. I made the transfer a week ago on the phone (it’s not available online), and the agent triple-checked that my name was the same on both accounts.

  6. Does anyone have experience with which credit agency Bank of Hawaii pulls from? I know it varies by state, but if anyone has feedback…