[Targeted] – Up to 40% Off Membership Rewards Transfers to Hilton Hhonors and Starwood

This is definitely a targeted offer, but many folks are seeing discounts of up to 40% off the normal number of Membership Rewards points necessary for transfers to Hilton Hhonors and Starwood.

At 40% off, you’ll be able to exchange 600 Membership Rewards points for 1500 Hhonors points. Or, you can exchange 600 Membership Rewards points and get 333 Starwood points (still a terrible option).

You can see what offer you have by logging in to your Membership Rewards account and looking at the Hhonors and Starwood transfer pages (mine shows a 15% bonus for Hhonors and zippo for Starwood).

Alternately, log in to Membership Rewards and go to the Membership Rewards homepage and look for a banner advertising 40% off deals, then click through to see the details.

(Hat tip, FT)

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