ANA to Feature Bidets in Its New 787s

A quick one: If you’ve ever gone to the bathroom on a plane and thought to yourself, “hm. What this flight really needs is a bidet” – well, you’re now in luck.

For fans of having water shot onto your butt, ANA’s new 787s will feature bidets in both business class and coach (because it really wouldn’t be fair to make 300 people have a far less clean backside than the 50 lucky folks up front).

As the article states, and I’m not sure why this is my favorite part, the bidets will have “various spray options, controlled by push-button electronics.” Because I’m an American, and I’m generally confused by these contraptions when I see them overseas, I have no idea what the “various spray options” are. But I’m glad to see that the Japanese insisted on “push button electronics” to control those spray options rather than whatever other means one would use to control such a thing.


  1. Insane — only a Japanese airline would do this. As you probably know, Japan has a fascination with weird high-tech toilets. As I understand it, bidets are primarily used to prepare and clean up after an activity you are not supposed to engage in on a commercial aircraft. But I think you can also get your butt extra clean with one. This is apparently important to some Japanese airline executive.