100,000 + Mile Bonuses Available When Flying Full-Fare Tickets on British Airways (and AA and Iberia)

If you don’t fly British Airways using full-fare (non-discounted) tickets, you can skip this…

But if you do (ie, if your work is paying for it), they’ve got a great promotion going on through the end of the year (register here): They’re giving you 25,000 bonus miles when you fly 1 trans-Atlantic trip on a full-fare ticket (in any class) on British Airways, American Airlines or Iberia. The second trip nets another 35,000 bonus miles. The third (and all others thereafter) 45,000 bonus miles. Sadly, flights on Openskies don’t count.

You have until December 31st to take the trips in these fare classes:

First (booking classes F, A)
Business Class (booking classes J, C, D, R, I)
World Traveller Plus Premium Economy (booking classes W, E, T)
Economy (booking classes Y, B, H).

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