LOT Polish Airlines Offers Sub-$2000 Business Class Fares through December 15

Unlike its other former behind-the-iron-curtain counterpart Aeroflot, LOT Polish Airlines has not bothered to upgrade its in-flight experience much. Flying with them, even in Business Class, is a sad, odd throwback of sorts with old seats, older planes and poor in-flight entertainment. With that caveat out of the way, LOT is offering a pretty good sale on business class tickets through September 30th for flights through December 15th. Departures are good from Chicago and New York and start at $1950 round trip to Warsaw (taxes included) in business class, and flights to Moscow at about $2200. Prices are similar to other European cities in their network.

In addition, they’re offering triple Miles and More miles on business class fares which is something. If you’re not a M&M member, LOT is a part of Star Alliance, so you can credit to Continental, United or US Airways here in the US.

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