Rumor: British Airways Credit Card Offer Coming Soon

I can’t decide if posting rumors is a smart idea or not, but that doesn’t stop everyone else: I have it on very good authority that British Airways will be bringing back a ridiculous (circa 100,000 points) credit card offer in the very near future. Tomorrow? No, not tomorrow. But soon. Its normal offer of 50,000 bonus miles after just $2,500 in spend in 90 days is actually the best airline-related day-in-day-out bonus available (see it here). But we’ve been so spoiled by the 100,000 mile bonus that most of us don’t even consider it until that bonus comes along.

So, with that, if you were considering the BA card, I’d hold off for a couple of weeks (maybe less) to see what’s coming.

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  1. will there be a play here for those of us that got the 100k BA card from Chase in this last go round (I got mine in April)

    • Chase has not allowed for multiple bonuses on the same card, unfortunately. The only hope would be that they’ve changed the card significantly, though I don’t expect that at all.

  2. British Airways is changing its miles program to a new one called Avios. The new points will be worth approximately 1/10th of the old points, which means that a 100k deal will only really be a 10k deal. Probably best to look elsewhere.

    Where do you get the idea its 1/10th? It seems to say that some/most flights will be cheaper.