Get a $42 Credit at Priceline Instantly (Ignore – It’s Only $6/night)

(Editor’s Note: I posted this without realizing it’s really $6/night up to $42 for 7 nights. Rather than delete the post, let this stand as a reminder that sometimes I am an idiot.)

(Via Slickdeals)

Click on this link and you’ll get a $42 credit at Priceline good for when you purchase a 3, 3.5 or 4-star hotel from them using Name Your Own Price. We’re going to use it for when we drive halfway to Maine in 2 weeks and need to stop for the night – 3 star hotels are often in the $45-$50 range, effectively giving us a free night.

And before you bid on Priceline, always check to see what other people have bid for the hotel you want.

The credit is good through December 31st.


  1. I think this requires a 7 night reservation, i.e. only $6 off a night. At least that is what the thread on Slick Deals has for T&C.

  2. Damn, that was a rookie mistake on my part. I’ll edit. Thanks for the heads up.

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