Ryanair to Passenger Having Heart Attack: Have a Sandwich, and Pay Us for It

A Swedish man is demanding an apology from Ryanair after he had a heart attack on a Sweden-bound Ryanair flight over the weekend and, according to the man’s family, the airline was ill-equipped to handle the emergency.

According to the passenger’s family he complained of feeling ill during the flight, then lost consciousness. He was revived and the flight crew was called over. In response, they offered to sell the man a sandwich and some water (nothing like a sandwich to take the edge off a heart attack). I don’t know why the passenger’s family assumed flight attendants would know how to treat a heart attack, nor do I know why, if the man told flight attendants that he was having a heart attack, they offered him a sandwich. I’m not a doctor, but I’ve seen enough TV to know that a sandwich is generally not part of the treatment for a heart attack. At least not in the US.

For its part Ryanair said it offered to divert the flight so the man could get medical attention, but for whatever reason the passenger’s family insisted on continuing to Skavsta.

The man is recovering in a local hospital.


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