Great Deal: 2 Bedroom Villa in Phuket, $99; plus Invitation Code

A number of flash sale sites have popped up over the past year (though that’s stopped recently, making me wonder a bit how many the market really needs), with Jetsetter as the best known. (run by luxury vacation discount site LuxuryLink), is another of these private sale sites, and it, too, focuses on higher-end properties (if you need a invitation click here).

I mention this here because I just saw that until noon Eastern on August 1st, they’re offering 2-bedroom villas at the Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort in Thailand for $99/night through the rest of this year (you’ll need to click through the invite link to sign up and see the deal). Reviews of the place are great, and the 1500+ square foot villa comes with a butler. Yes, a butler. For $99/night.

Yes, I know, Phuket can be rough weather-wise during the next few months. But whatever. You don’t need to be a top-level elite member of a hotel program to enjoy a villa in Thailand for next to nothing (though that doesn’t exactly hurt), but for $99 you can see how the other half lives. Or how the other half spends September in torrential rainstorms in Phuket. Either way.

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