Key to a Great Summer Vacation? Always Bring a Knife. And a Repelling Rope.

Stratfor Global Intelligence wants you to have a very fun summer vacation. But with great fun, comes great danger, apparently. At least according to this video they’ve posted on their site about how to stay safe when you’re frolicking on your summer break. Please, always remember you’re extremely large knife. And your repelling rope, that you’ll use to repel down your 3rd floor (the only floor you should be staying on in any hotel) should it all go bad. Also, you’ll have your throwdown wallet and your giant flashlight, perfect for lighting up the hallway during a coup-induced blackout and for whacking some nutcase on the head at Disneyworld.

(Thanks to infrequent reader Seth for the heads up)


  1. That video is hilarious (at least in a somber way). OK, I’m not going tp pack my repelling rope. But I probably should bring a flashlight (useful for a lot of reasons), and know where the stairs are in my hotel. If you want to be anal about it, lower floor rooms are probably safer in a fire.

    And there is something to be said for “situational awareness” (aka “street smarts”) when you travel. Criminals do prey on tourists, so your odds of being a victim of crime when you travel are probably higher than at home (unless you live and work in a slum, of course).