WestJet Looks to Take Down Porter

WestJet announced that it will launch 10 daily flights between Toronto & Montreal, and 9 flights between Toronto & Ottawa. They’ve also announce a service guarantee where they’ll take 50% off your next fare if your flight is delayed more than 30 minutes.

This move comes on the heels of Air Canada’s launch of 15 daily roundtrip flights between Montreal and Toronto’s downtown island airport, where upstart Porter Airlines is based. Porter flies to a whole bunch of cities from downtown Toronto, but Air Canada and WestJet are clearly looking to try to bring the airline down by going after the lucrative business traveler in the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal triangle.

Business travelers benefit from the competition, of course, with the WestJet service guarantee, free cappuccino at the ferry terminal, Starbucks coffee on Porter’s flights and (from my count) 67 daily flights from Toronto to Montreal between the 3 airlines.

Is 67 daily flights sustainable? I don’t know – but we’ve got to be hitting the point where it doesn’t make sense. It does make sense if their goal is to get Porter out of there. However, Porter has a lot of goodwill from travelers – and business travelers appreciate the downtown Toronto airport. And since we haven’t seen any of the 3 drop fares to unsustainable levels, there may be room for all 3.

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